Mobile Business Brings Your Service to Them, Not Them to You

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Delivery has never been more popular than it is now. What was once the purview of mail-order shopping and pizzas has become routine for how most Americans find their favorite products. Now, other industries are taking notice and cashing in on convenience.

From shipping through Amazon to cashing checks online with their phones, people can now live more of their lives without ever having to leave the couch. This has had a huge impact on the way customers view other services as well, including tire services!

Learn what you need to know about the rise of mobile business and why the future of tire sales and other services brings the service to the customer, not the other way around.

Customers Want More Than Goods Delivered, They Want Services Too

There’s no question that Amazon has forever changed the way people think about delivery. The popularity of the online juggernaut has made it easier than ever to order everything from your weekly groceries to an entire house and have it delivered to your door.

It’s clear that you can order just about anything online, but people want more than just products at home; they also want services! And we’re talking about more than traditional home services like HVAC, cleaning, or plumbing.

Customers want services that were once unique to brick-and-mortar stores from the convenience of home. Chief among these services making the leap are at-home tire services. Thanks to the latest technology, mobile tire workstations like those from Tread Connection are a convenient tire shop on wheels!

People Value Their Time as Much as Their Money

They say that time is money, and there’s definitely something to be said for that these days. In fact, time is more valuable than money for many people. This is a big reason why so many customers are willing to pay for a service that helps them save time while providing them with precious freedom during the day.

A trip to a typical tire shop has long been a dreaded experience, with hours spent in cramped and congested waiting rooms. This often means taking time off of work and sacrificing valuable vacation hours. If you’re lucky, you might have a laptop and a waiting room with wi-fi to work from the tire shop, but it’s hardly a place designed for productivity.

Mobile businesses take the brick-and-mortar store out of the equation. By meeting the customer at their home or office on their schedule, people can find and install a full set of tires without ever having to leave their couch or desk. The result is that people get their day back and save valuable time that they would rather use doing something else.

Customers Want Convenience

And it’s more than time that is driving the rise of the mobile business model. Customers have also become accusomted to convenience. They want this same convenience extended to other parts of their lives as well.

Many of the services that are essential to our daily lives can now be accessed directly from our phones. Everything from school to doctor’s visits can be ordered and scheduled online. This has led customers to ask why tire services can’t be just as convenient.

A mobile business such as a mobile tire franchise does more than deliver tires direct to someone’s door. They also install, repair, and service tires at someone’s home or office. Now, instead of driving on a spare or getting a tow to the nearest shop, the customer can bring the shop to them!

Customers are Less Willing to Wait at Stores

As convenience and online ordering become commonplace, many customers are less willing to spend time waiting in a cramped waiting room. The lingering anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic has taken the trend and amplified it by adding the risk of viral infection to the mix.

Most people aren’t even comfortable eating inside a restaurant, much less sitting for hours in an auto shop waiting room. While many businesses are doing everything they can to improve sanitation and encourage social distancing, the fear of infection is still in the back of many people’s minds.

Why would someone choose to put themselves at risk when they could avoid the risk entirely? The solution for many people has been to forgo leaving the home and instead bring their essential services directly to them.

Take the Tire Shop to Your Customers With Tread Connection!

By combining the safety of touchless service with the convenience of at-home delivery, a mobile business like a Tread Connection franchise is perfectly positioned to not only handle the current economic climate but also stay at the front of a growing trend that is ready to become the norm.

Are you ready to take advantage of a mobile business disrupting the way people across the country take care of their tires? See how you can start your Tread Connection franchise today!