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    Our Services

    Flat Repair

    ($40 - $60)


    ($15 PER WHEEL)

    Air Pressure Check


    Wheel Torque Check



    Sensor Replacement:
    Seal Kits: $7.50/each)

    Customer Supplied Tires

    ($25 - $40/Per Tire)

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    Need to buy tires in Raleigh, NC? Looking for tire services but don’t want to go wait at a shop? We bring the tire shop to you. Servicing the RTP area, Tread Connection offers a full range of mobile tire services you need to keep your vehicle in top shape. From new tires to flat repairs to standard wheel checks, we supply you with all of your tire needs.

    Getting started is easy. Simply use our site to find the tire that’s right for your vehicle, book the time that works best to have us come out to perform the service, and then we’ll come out to you, rain or shine, to install your new tires or perform tire services on your vehicle. The entire process is contactless and you never have to leave your home.

      Customer supplied tires – Mount and BalanceBalanceFlat RepairAir pressure checkWheel torque checkTPMS – DiagnosisTPMS – Sensor ReplacementTPMS – Seal kit

      Note: We charge a $50 onsite fee (per visit, not per vehicle!) to come to your location.

      Contact Us

      Manager: Jared Campbell
      Phone: (919) 636-3338
      Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm
      Saturday: By Appointment Only
      Sunday: By Appointment Only

      Jared Campbell is a former High School economics teacher from Chapel Hill High.  He and his family have been Chapel Hill locals for six generations. In 2012, he partnered with family to open a car-part wholesale store and in 2015, he left the teaching profession that had been his home to work full-time in the family business. In September 2019, he felt the draw to open his own business, was exposed to the idea of Tread Connection through a college friend and instantly felt the pull into the retail market!

      “I’m thrilled to be part of the rapidly growing Tread Connection family, and to give the people I have grown up with the ability to take back their lives! All around us are businesses that take the frustration out of your life, from in-home technology assistants to grocery delivery services. It just didn’t make sense to me that residents and businesses in the RTP area are still stuck going to tire shops and wasting half their day at the shop. I’m excited to be part of spreading the Tread Connection word, and taking care of you!”

      Our Promise to You

      We believe you, your family, your vehicles and your time are precious and deserve to be given the best care. We promise that we will treat you like a person and bring the best customer care to your door possible.

      You matter to us, let us show you how much we care while you take care of your life!

      Services Offered

      We are your complete mobile tire shop.

      We bring a state-of-the-art tire shop neatly packed into a professional van so you no longer have to spend endless hours uncomfortable in a tire shop, breathing rubber, drinking mediocre coffee and listening to out-of-control kids running in circles while your productivity and personal time dwindles away. Instead, we come to you at the golf course, at work, while dining, shopping, or even at home to ensure that you can focus on taking care of what matters most to you. Tread Connection RTP is your Go To source for tire sales and service at your convenience both in schedule and location.

      We go out of the way to provide the tires you need at a competitive rate so you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking care of the people who matter most to you and eliminating the risk to your vehicles and passengers associated by driving on worn and damaged tires.

      Our TIA-certified tire experts will install the right tire at a great price while you go do what you need to do!
      Change your tires, not your schedule!

      We offer:

      New Tires
      Tire Balancing
      TPMS Sensor install and programming
      Nitrogen Inflation
      Flat Repair

      This location is the exclusive Tread Connection provider for the zip codes listed below.

      27713, 27560, 27513, 27709, 27703, 27607, 27617, 27605

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      Monday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
      Tuesday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
      Wednesday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
      Thursday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
      Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
      Saturday: closed
      Sunday: closed

      Opening Hours

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