Wheel Balancing

Convenient Tire Balancing at Your Home or Office

Wheel balancing is a crucial, and often overlooked, service that can have a serious impact on the life of your tire and safety of your vehicle. Is it time for your next balance? Learn about Tread Connection’s mobile tire balance service and how we can help get you on the road today!

Improve Handling with Tire Balancing Near You

Balancing your tires makes a big difference with the quality of your ride. Do you feel that annoying vibration in your steering wheel? It’s definitely not a “good vibration.” While this could be from a bent wheel or work suspension component, this is most often due to one or more wheels being out of balance.

You deserve a ride that feels just as smooth as the day you bought your vehicle. Extremely accurate computerized wheel balancing from Tread Connection can greatly reduce or get rid of those vibrations entirely!

Tire Balancing Improves Safety and Can Save Money

Those vibrations are more than an inconvenience that could be costing you money. They may be the sign of a major problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Once you begin to notice the vibrations in your steering wheel or floorboards, it’s time for tire balancing.

What may seem like a minor shake will only continue to get worse with time. As the vibrations increase, this could affect your vehicle’s suspension, leading to an expensive repair. Unbalanced tires can also affect the handling of your vehicle, which can be dangerous at high speeds.

Taking Care of Tire Balancing With the Latest Technology

Our mobile tire service vans are equipped with the latest technology. This helps our team of TIA certified tire technicians provide our customers with the convenient and quality service they deserve.

Our computerized tire balancing equipment helps us accurately diagnosis any balance issues in your tires. Our state-of-the-art computerized tire balancer is equipped to check your tire balance with incredible accuracy. The machine measures 511 different points during one rotation to ensure your tire is perfectly balanced.

In fact, our computerized wheel balancing is so accurate we have used it for racing teams who regularly reach speeds up to 200 mph.

What Can I Expect With Tread Connection Wheel Balancing?

All our tire technicians are TIA certified. You can be confident you’re receiving the highest quality service for your vehicle. The best part about tire balancing with Tread Connection is that you can get your service on your schedule! See why you should get your wheels balanced with Tread Connection.

  • Smoother Ride
  • Safer Handling
  • Protect Suspension
  • Longer Tire Life

Get Tires Balanced at Your Home or Office Today!

You don’t need to suffer a shaky and bumpy ride. Get top-quality and convenient wheel balancing on a schedule that works for you! Find a Tread Connection van in your area and schedule your next tire balancing today!