Tire Mounting and Balancing – Getting Your Tires Installed Correctly

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Most drivers have a good idea about the benefits of doing regular maintenance on their vehicle but knowing what service to have done (and when) is a different story.

Every so often, it becomes necessary to mount a new set of tires on a vehicle, whether that’s by choice or by necessity. You might simply want to install different tires to switch from summer to winter tires or you might be forced into the situation with an unexpected flat that demands a new purchase.

Some DIY enthusiasts or those looking to avoid trips to the shop might try to mount tires onto their vehicle by themselves. But while there are certainly those who know how to perform tire mounting at home, it’s easy to overlook some of the essential aspects of the process, such as properly balancing the tires when mounting.

Whether you are an expert looking for a refresher or are a beginner wondering how to do tire mounting yourself, let’s dive into the specifics involved in the process.

What Is Tire Mounting and Tire Balancing?

Simply put, tire mounting is the procedure of installing tires onto the wheels, which are then installed onto the car’s axle.

Tire balancing is the most complex part of the tire mounting process. When you mount tires, it’s essential that they are properly centered on the wheel to ensure the smoothest ride. But doing so is a difficult process without the technology available to the pros.

Can I Do This Myself?

It is certainly possible for dedicated car enthusiasts to perform both tire mounting and tire balancing at home, although it is much more difficult and requires more effort without the proper equipment — especially the balancing process.

Professionals use tire mounting machines as well as various kinds of balancing equipment and technology. When installing tires, professionals can balance them through a method called road force balancing, pressing a roller against the tires while they spin, simulating the contact the tire would have with a road and analyzing the balance until it is complete. They also might perform a procedure called spin balancing, which allows much of the same analysis while simply spinning the tire at a high rate in the air. From there, professional tire installers can shift the weight on the wheel until the tires are balanced.

These are procedures that many professionals become experts at performing, so while it’s possible to do them yourself, it could be well worth your time, money, and effort to ask a pro to handle it.

What Could Go Wrong?

As with most instances of DIY car maintenance, improper tire mounting and tire balancing can both lead to issues when you get back on the road. It is extremely important to ensure these processes are handled with care and detail to avoid any of those mishaps.

When a tire is not mounted or balanced correctly, it will be fairly obvious because of the vibrations you’ll feel. Tires might be mounted with too much lubricant that could cause slipping during braking or acceleration. If a tire is going to slip, it’ll likely happen shortly after it has been mounted. That could throw the tires back out of balance even if you did that aspect of the process correctly.

Improper balance is more common among amateur maintenance because it is more complex. When driving, an imbalanced tire will likely vibrate as well because of its misalignment with the wheel’s center of gravity.

Not only will those vibrations make for a more uncomfortable ride, but the constant vibration could likely cause quicker wear on your tires. That, of course, means you are spending more money and going through the headaches of the process once again!

Contact Tread Connection

For those deciding that it may be simpler to let the professionals handle processes as complex as tire mounting and balancing, Tread Connection is here to help. Not only are the experts at Tread Connection some of the industry’s most knowledgeable, but they also work with industry-leading technology and equipment to ensure your tires are ready for the road.

Best of all, the pros at Tread Connection make it easy by coming to you. Mobile tire service allows you to have these procedures done whenever and wherever makes the most sense for your schedule. If you need to have your tires mounted and balanced but need to have it done in your driveway or in the parking lot at work, call your nearest Tread Connection location today!